A Quest for Peace


                           From the Lat. Caritas                       Generosity, support 


Giving to the needy with sincerity and care



Should be spontaneous                  Sympathetic and gentle 




To practice this virtue we have to forget about ourselves when

the moment to give comes. It will be food, clothes or simply a 

kind word that somebody is desperate for.                                  

It is very important to think that no one likes to be in a very poor

condition. Sincere and genuine Charity is a must in our lives. 

Life never gives us a real reason why a person can fall so deep.

Many causes can contribute to get in moments of material or

emotional necessity. Nevertheless, we must feel compassion for

a human being in need of things or words of understanding.



 It is very easy to mistake sincere assistance from an ostentatious 

display of care. There are other reasons to give money that have 

very little to do with an internal generous desire to help the poor.

Philanthropy is not necessarily a genuine donation. It is more

concerned with the display of importance and richness and also

a reason to get tax deductions, etc.

We want to practice CHARITY in a direct, helpful and simple way.




Caridad  -  慈善  -  צדקה  -  परोपकार -  благотворительность 

لصدقة  -  Charité  -  Nächstenliebe -  チャリティ