A Quest for Peace


                        From the Lat. Justitia                             Rights and fairness


  Must protect property and honor with integrity



           Means respect for ownership              Gives security for everybody       




     It is a BASIC VALUE that defends what belongs to a person's rightful

     and lawful possessions. 

                 The law of JUSTICE must be an inviolable protection for each man's                      rights to life, liberty and ownership. 

      To have harmony in society we all need JUSTICE in

                                          the daily acts of our existence.                                      




       When people make mistakes under negative circumstances and  

                    become dangerous to society, it is necessary to apply a discipline                          according to the degree of the offense and the fairness of the Law.   

                    If politics, money or any other false maneuvers defends or covers                       a criminal because of his position, then INJUSTICE occurs 

     destroying the Rights of Man forever.




    Justicia  -  正義  -  צדק  -  Justice  -  справедливость

Gerechtigkeit  -  عدالة  - に関して -  न्याय