A Quest for Peace



    From the Lat. Bonitas                         Benevolence, goodness 



Doing something nice, good and with consideration



Thoughtful favors                              Friendly manner



An act of KINDNESS gives back to us a sensation of interior

   happiness, sharing these feelings with the person we have helped 

in some way is a beautiful deed.

Maybe it is only a smile or a polite answer to an inquiry about a

direction or any favor we can do while fulfilling our daily deeds. 

This virtue of interchanging friendly and caring behavior is part of

a healthy society with the sense of togetherness.

As human beings we cannot be isolated completely. We need each

other and the VALUE of KINDNESS is very important.

If a person asks for a favor and we refuse because we do not

want to be bothered, this negative behavior is going to reflect 

mutually in very unhappy interior feelings. 

Ignoring greetings, questions, pushing ourselves in front of any

body, showing arrogance or aggression only ends with unhappy

reactions from a very undesirable UNKINDNESS of ill manner

and selfish society.



Bondad  -  親切  -  טוב לב  -  لطف  -  दयालुता
доброта  -  許容  -  Freundlichkeit  -  Bonté