A Quest for Peace


                            From the Lat. Amoris                      Affection, regard 


Care and trying to do good to others

        LOVE of principles                           To LOVE one another 



This sentiment has a powerful control on living creatures. It starts

with family love, tenderness, care and sacrifices. There must be a 

loving and true relations among parents and children. From this  

healthy beginning people will be prepared to accomplish worthy 

                 tasks during their life.                                                                                                Furthermore, we will have the love for principles that will allow 

   us to do work useful to society making happiness

   for everybody.        

Finally we will be fortunate to enjoy Friendship, the most perfect

relationship between human beings because it is the result of a

sincere LOVE, unconditional and real.                                             



 When people do not know the beauty of this value they become 

 unhappy, malcontent, lost in an empty space and unable to have

beautiful feelings, missing the pleasures of life.                            

      The results of useless living conditions without any affection will      

  produce anger, depression and finally HATE.                                  

What a pity to live on this earth in such a miserable way.




Amor  -    - ラブ  -  حب -  प्यार

любовь  -  Amour  -  Liebe