A Quest for Peace


                 From the Lat. Moralítas                     Right human behavior

                            Should be practiced by all CITIZENS of the world                  

           It must be taught in childhood     We all require it in our souls


 It is the virtue that gives us self respect. Every act of this value 

has its reward by making us worthy human beings.

 MORALITY is a VALUE deep in ourselves but we need to know

what is wrong and why so we can use it properly. 

The process of learning to be a moral person begins with the

early education of the boys and girls through a good 

parental example and with the right explanations when

correcting the improper actions of ill temper, bad instincts and

 any negative tendencies. Only in this way finally humanity can 

stop being the beasts of today.

 By living up to such a BASIC VALUE it will be possible to have

a better society of decent people.




 The opposite word is IMMORALITY, very common today. 

Some women do not know what is decency and treat 

themselves like human merchandise of the worse kind. 

Certain men behave irrationally in expressing their animal 

instincts in a vicious manner without any respect for women

and children

We must bring back the BASIC VALUES. 


TO EDUCATE the child will avoid TO PUNISH the man.




 Moralidad  --  道德 --  מוסר --  La moralité - नैतिकता - мораль

                                                              أخلاقية -  Moral