A Quest for Peace



   From the Lat. Pax, pacis              Repose, tranquility, calm 

 State of harmony among all people of the world 

An awesome VALUE to enjoy           Interior silence.


         *******************************************************              A beautiful word that provides the souls and bodies with a soft

   cover of lovely serenity, laying the minds to rest without fears or 

worries of unnecessary aggressions of any kind.                         

     All human beings are born with this important VALUE with the 

           one purpose of living with the pleasure of indescribable feelings          

of freedom and tranquil surroundings.                                             

     To live in PEACE is a prerogative belonging to all people of the   

world and must be respected by everybody in every ethical way.




Any struggle or fight is definitely against the Rights of Man living

 in a healthy society of any civilized country. Aggressive actions    

are not acceptable from any point of view especially now in the    

21st. Century.                                                                                         

               From the years of the Barbarians until now the motives for WAR               

               have not changed.                                                                                                

The desires of acquisition, power and competition are the same.  

              Greed maybe has changed in colors but the basic drawing is the               


          The worst thing is the process to accumulate wealth without any           

regard for human lives.                                                                        

  Our obligation as peaceful individuals is to see the necessity to     

bring back the BASIC VALUES to avoid an UNiVERSAL HELL.     




  PAZ  -  和平  -  שלום  -  FRIEDEN   

               سلام - शांति - мир - 平和 -  PAIX