A Quest for Peace


From the Lat. Respectus                 Regard, consideration 



To feel and show attention for all people


Polite with any person                    Assures self esteem




We have to RESPECT other people’s ideas, to listen when they


To give preference in sitting, passing and answering questions

from anybody regardless of age and social differences.

It is not polite to make fun of personal appearances without

moral injuries.

Respecting all the people that are in contact with us will make

them feel like worthy human beings while we also enrich our 

souls with happiness.




It is a good idea to be careful and avoid Disrespectful situations.

There is another aspect of this VALUE that we have to be very

aware of which is doing things for “ Human Respect.

We do not want to impress with false Values in order to get the

approval of superficial groups. 

The best choice is to practice RESPECT in a general way.




 Respeto   - に関して  -  Respect   -  כיבוד הזולת

सम्मान - уважение  -  أخلاقية -   - Respekt