A Quest for Peace


                       From the Lat. Tolerantia       Patience, sympathetic     

Respect for other people's opinions or customs


 Being understanding           Unbiased, acceptance




To accept or respect the differences of ideas, many customs, 

 nationalities, beliefs, races, social backgrounds, education and

languages.  It is a very rewarding BASIC VALUE.

With the practice of TOLERANCE our souls and minds become 

enriched by knowledge and wonderful sensations. From this 

unique way of communication and understanding we will get

the beautiful feelings and perceptions of other people.




The misunderstanding among the disparity of groups and 

their ideas existed even beyond the Middle Ages. 

Wars and disagreements about religion, material possessions 

and styles of life were intensified by the lack of understanding.

After so many bad experiences from refusing the acceptance 

of this diversity, INTOLERANCE persists in spite of 

living in an advanced civilization exposed to the technology 

and scientific discoveries of today.




Tolerancia許容 - סובלנות  Tolérance  - تسامح 

中庸  -  सहिष्णुता  -  терпимость  -  Tolleranza